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CIC presents: SureServ for All-in Aircon Needs

Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) is the industry leader in the Philippine air conditioning market and has been providing high-quality products for Filipinos since 1962.

For almost 60 years, CIC has distributed premium air conditioners and refrigerators all over the country. Not only that, but they have also expanded to manufacturing locally-made appliances. Focusing on continuous innovation, CIC ventured into strong partnerships with different companies for product distribution such as Carrier, Condura, Toshiba, Kelvinator, Totaline, Midea, OTIS, ConcepStore, and more . However, CIC is always looking to do more.


To broaden the services the company offers and in order to deliver air conditioning solutions that uplift the Filipino’s way of life, CIC launched SureServ – making lives easier and better for a more comfortable experience.

Air conditioning made simple with SureServ

As an online platform that aims to understand your everyday aircon woes, SureServ was created to provide seamless concierge service for these concerns. SureServ offers end-to-end solutions for your air conditioning needs - from installation to maintenance.


It’s simple: if you’re looking to buy an aircon unit, a technician to install it, and have your unit cleaned, SureServ is your go-to partner. There’s no need to look elsewhere for all your aircon needs, SureServ will deliver.

To know more about our all-in packages and other services, you can go here.

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